First time placing an order?

Easy peasy, we show you how step by step!

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  • This is your first order and you still don’t have your personal Smart Locker bag? No problem, just place your items in any bag you have.
  • To go into our 24-hour shop just swipe your credit card to open the door (Don’t worry, we don’t charge you for going in the shop and we don’t keep your information either)
  • Place your bag in an empty locker
  • Type in any 4-digit code and turn the knob to lock the locker
  • Go on our website/app sign in into your account and click ‘place new order’
  • Select the location where you dropped it off
  • Select the locker number
  • Select the kind of service you want
  • If you have any special requests regarding the order please specify in ‘notes’
  • Type in a promotion code if you have one
  • Click ‘next’ and that’s it! You just placed your first Smart Locker order!
  • As soon as your order is ready we will email you the locker number where you will find your clean clothes and your free personal Smart Locker garment bag!
  • Now that you have your Smart Locker bag, just use it for all your future orders and there will be no need to place one!

Still confused? Try our FAQ or email us.